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Traveling circus instead of a catwalk: an unusual photo shoot for Vogue magazine
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Walter and Tatiana Zapashny: a Happy marriage of convenience lasting a lifetime

In their marriage, initially, there was not even a hint of romance. There was a certain tacit agreement between two sane people. Much later came feelings and awareness of the value of family and creative Union. Walter and Tatiana Zapashny lived together for 33 years, building not only a strong family, but also creating a real strong Zapashny dynasty.

She was running from her lunch break when a friend called out to her. And immediately introduced him to his companion, who turned out to be a famous trainer. However, the impression on Tatyana Walter (and it was he) did not make. Short, balding, and almost the same age as her father. But Walter himself, in a few moments, saw in this girl the one he needed. And began to persist in inviting her to the restaurant. Tanya refused, but it turned out that in this case it is much easier to just agree. He was ready to charm her in every possible way.

After finding out where she was studying, Walter organized a creative evening at the Polytechnic, arriving there with a tiger on a leash. Naturally, he was guaranteed success. And he rode up to her house on a black horse and a cowboy hat. She was embarrassed, blushing, and did not know how to justify herself to the neighbors for this performance under her Windows.
Neither of them were in love at the time. But Walter was determined that this girl should be the wife and mother of his children. Tatiana saw in Walter her chance to break out of the usual life, see the world, learn something new. She married without any romantic enthusiasm or dreams.

By the time they met, Walter Zapashny was officially married, but he and Maritza had no family for a long time. There was a joint work and a desire to go on tour abroad. The divorce really led to the fact that for some time Walter was not traveling.

Tatiana and Walter signed almost four years later, when they had two sons growing up.
At first, Walter began to train his young companion to the circus life. He wanted to make sure that she was always with him, not giving her a chance to think about something else or about someone else. He was gradually taming her. And infinitely jealous, although she never gave him a reason.

He was domineering, even somewhat domineering. At the same time, he was truly gentle and affectionate with those he loved.
When love is born

Tatyana Zapashnaya always says that she did not immediately fall in love with her husband. But very soon it was all his. She was used to a completely different person coming out of the cage. He could swear profanely, and then he could not remember his outbursts of unfounded anger. Tatiana understood: this was how tension and fear came out. At first, this offended her, and she even tried to leave several times. But I couldn’t.

The real overwhelming feeling she experienced after the birth of her eldest son, Edgard. It was at that moment, when she looked at the newborn baby, she realized her full belonging to her husband, who gave her the miracle of motherhood. A little over a year later, Askold appeared.

They wandered from city to city, and young Tatiana could not imagine life without the circus, without Walter. It gave her a sense of the deepest security in everything. He obeyed all her whims and never asked where she spent the money. He was busy with creativity, and she was busy with home improvement. They carried a large samovar, cozy home blankets with pillows, and a couple of paintings everywhere. And a huge family photo archive.
Life’s work
The children grew up, and Tatiana spent all her time in the circus next to her husband. At first, she served as an administrator, then began to enter the cage during rehearsals, drove out and corralled the animals, fed them. Later, he entered it in his room. She tried to protest, but her husband’s decisions were not discussed, but implemented. And she was getting used to seeing two different people in the circus and at home again. In the arena, he had never pitied her, and he could be hard, even cruel, as she thought. And there was no kinder person at home.

When Walter needed hip replacement surgery, his sons were brought into the room with the predators. And now Tatiana taught them to work with strong animals, not to show fear. And Walter felt worse and worse. He went to all the shows, made adjustments to the numbers, but never entered the cage again.

Now she became a breadwinner, learned to provide for her family, mastered a computer, a car, and graduated from the Institute of management.
And yet it is love

In 2003, he suffered his first stroke. And still visited all the performances, sincerely worried about his Tatiana. She had to solve absolutely all issues related to the activities of the circus. In 2007, he suffered a second stroke, after which he did not recover. He died on August 27, 2007.

Tatyana Vasilyevna continues her husband’s business, working with her sons in the Great Moscow circus on Vernadsky Avenue. And she doesn’t even allow the thought of another man standing next to her. There are no more people like Walter Mikhailovich. She always feels his invisible presence and support.

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