Oleg Popov: Two guiding stars of the Solar clown
Sunny clown Oleg Popov was known and loved all over the world. It seemed that there was no person more positive and cheerful. He had everything in his life: fame,…

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Secrets of the most famous wizard of the twentieth century: truth and fiction about Emile Kio
April 11 marks 123 years since the birth of the founder of the famous circus dynasty Emil Teodorovich Kio. Even during his lifetime, so many legends were associated with his…

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Krasnoselsky circus Museum
In the center of the village of Krasnoselki in the Odessa region, there is a large bright building. This is the Krasnoselsky House of culture. In the evenings it is…

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Igor and Victoria Kio: the illusion of love lasting 30 years

He was the greatest illusionist and wizard of the Soviet era. She is his assistant in the arena. To understand the depth of their feelings, they had to be on the edge of life and death. And then live together for 30 happy years.


His love Affairs were legendary. Women of all ages fell under the influence of his indescribable charm.

The first wife of the novice illusionist Igor Kio was Galina Brezhneva, the daughter of the future General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. He was 18 and she was 32. Galina was married to Yevgeny Milaev at the time, and the affair broke out on tour in Japan.

They met despite numerous obstacles, constant surveillance, and tacit disapproval of their relationship from Galina’s parents. When they took the plunge and signed, the law enforcement agencies intervened. In fact, their marriage was dissolved without the participation of their spouses. The family of Igor Kio and Galina Brezhneva lasted only 10 days.


But even this did not prevent the ardent lovers from Dating for several more years. At every opportunity, Igor flew to his beloved in Moscow to spend a few happy days or hours in the company of a dear person. Until the end of his days, Igor Kio had the deepest respect for the woman who became his first love and first wife.


The second time he had concluded the bond of marriage with Iolanthe, Olkhovikova. They lived together for 11 years, raised a wonderful daughter Vitusya. But a new love overtook the illusionist. Igor Kio could not resist his feelings. However, Iolanta Olkhovskaya very soon became the wife of Emil Kio, Igor’s brother.
Young Muse

Victoria had just graduated from music school and was planning to start teaching music at school. But first, quite unexpectedly for her, Alexander Stefanovich offered her to act for him. He met the girl by chance on the street and explained that she was very suitable for his new picture by type. The girl agreed, and work on the role began.

And on the set of the beginning actress saw Viktor Doveyko. His son recently became the husband of an assistant illusionist, which is why the famous magician was left without an assistant. Doveyko called Igor, who was in Sochi at the time. The girl was invited to the resort to evaluate her abilities.


Victoria herself was discouraged by this influx of events in her own life. First a movie, then a real circus. And she went to Sochi, we will decide if we do not get a job with Kio, then we will go for a swim in the sea, and sunbathe in the warm sun.
Office romance

Victoria came up with the role of assistant. She gave up making movies without much regret. After all, it was much more interesting to work with a real wizard. Moreover, for an eighteen-year-old Soviet girl, the prospects were most rosy6 working with a famous illusionist and touring not only in the Soviet Union, but also abroad.


Between Igor Kio and his assistant, sympathy arose quite quickly. But they both ignored it. They even managed to forget about the planned dinner together. The wizard was married, and a year later Victoria became the wife of circus juggler Igor Abert. The illusionist’s assistant also began performing with her husband. And Igor Kio helped them at rehearsals, which he visited almost daily. After the premiere of the number, he was delighted with her abilities. And again he made a date, which they had not forgotten. A secret affair broke out. The lovers were swirled with passion. They started Dating, hiding their relationship.

Then they got together in an accident, after which Kio realized how much he loved this girl. There was no longer any power to hide, especially since their affair had already become public. Both filed for divorce.
Complex happiness

She felt like the happiest woman in the world. After all, it was next to her was the subject of many women’s dreams. But the status of the wife of a great illusionist also required her to be always in shape. Her husband had charming assistants, and she didn’t want to lose in front of them.
But now it was her responsibility not only to help her husband in the arena, but also to fully provide warmth and comfort in their shared home. And it wasn’t easy. Calm and reserved in public, Igor Emilevich at home could even afford to raise his voice, motivating the need for detente. In everyday life, he was a perfect master: he did nothing on the farm, but required constant attention and care of his wife.

Victoria was happy to take care of her husband. She even refused to give birth to a child, believing that it would take away her time and attention from her beloved husband. She tried to look perfect, took great care of herself. But I couldn’t protect my husband from another falling in love.

Yes, and in the very prima Donna of the Soviet stage, Alla Pugacheva. However, the romance did not last long, the adored Igor returned to his Victoria. She forgave him because she loved him. And she continued to care for her deity. She diligently prepared his favorite dishes, watched by the clock so that he ate on time, even went to the doctors instead of him. He categorically refused to go to the hospital, despite chronic diseases, including diabetes. Victoria described to doctors the symptoms of her husband’s illnesses, received recommendations for treatment, and made sure that her husband drank his medication on time.
Eternal love

In 2006, they celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of their love in Rio de Janeiro. And on his return home, Igor Emilevich felt ill. He was hospitalized. She cooked for him five times a day and ran to the hospital, she believed that her beloved would get back on his feet. But after being released from the hospital, his condition worsened. Another hospitalization, another hospital ward. In August 2006, the great illusionist left this world.


Victoria Ivanovna continues to love him. She still speaks with delight and tenderness about her husband. And dreams of fulfilling his wish by building a Magic Castle that will be filled with magic. Victoria Ivanovna, despite the difficult financial situation, refuses to sell her husband’s last gift-a ring with a Sunny Topaz-a symbol of their undying love.


Oleg Popov: Two guiding stars of the Solar clown
Sunny clown Oleg Popov was known and loved all over the world. It seemed that there was no person more positive and cheerful. He had everything in his life: fame,…


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