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Vladimir Doveyko-acrobatics ACE

The acrobatic ensemble “Romantics” met with the warmest reception in all countries of the world. In the United States, artists were called “fantastic acrobats”, in Japan – “Typhoon”, in Germany – “space jumpers”, in Romania – “flying wizards”.
Newspapers in Australia, India, Yugoslavia, Hungary, the GDR, and Cuba gave them equally enthusiastic reviews.This troupe is headed by people’s artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Doveyko, who recently turned sixty.

…His grandfather was a trainer and clown, his grandmother and mother were jugglers, and his father was a tightrope Walker. At the age of seven, he worked in the troupe of” Arab “jumpers Chanyshev, in the final number, being on the top of the pyramid, a ringing voice, as he was taught, shouted:” Abragatsa!”The meaning of this “mysterious” word he does not know until now.

And a young acrobat performed a circle of Arab somersaults on the arena along the barrier, receiving fifty kopecks for each performance. But the debutant rehearsed a lot and diligently and soon began to perform two rounds of Arabic somersaults. Accordingly, his salary increased — now for each performance, he received a ruble.

Since 1930, Vladimir Doveyko joined the troupe of his uncle Semyon Ponukalin, and soon he became a recognized soloist of this number.

At the age of thirteen, Vladimir Doveyko became the winner of the all-Union competition for young acrobats, striking specialists with unique tricks.

It should be noted that the young artist performed them on an ordinary arena covered with a carpet. Many years later, Vladimir Doveyko was the guest of honor at the world acrobatics Championships held in Moscow. When he saw the modern jumping track, he said:

— I would have done it in my own time…

But let’s go back to the pre-war year, when under the leadership of the famous artist Alexander Shira, rehearsals of the attraction “Sport-record jumpers” begin, the leading performer of which was To be V. Doveyko. Once the famous dancer and choreographer Vakhtang Chabukiani came to the circus for a rehearsal, watched it, and then approached Doveyko and unexpectedly offered:

— Come to the Bolshoi theatre tomorrow.

The next day, the young artist stood on the famous stage. Chabukiani introduced him to his colleagues and then asked:

“Now show us something.”

Doveyko performed several acrobatic jumps, after which the choreographer invited him to his office.

— We’re taking you on, — he said, ” but I warn you, it’s going to take a lot of work…

Vladimir Doveyko asked for permission to think. Who knows, maybe he would have agreed to Chabukiani’s proposal, but it was June 22, 1941…

— When the war started, – Vladimir Vladimirovich recalls, – I went to the military enlistment office. They won’t take me. “You have a reservation,” they say. What to do? I half-joked, half-seriously: look, they say, what kind of fighter you refuse, and “gave” right there a couple of tricks. It worked! “Since you are on the ground “dead loop” twist, you should be a pilot!”- And immediately signed the direction to the aviation school…

Doveyko arrived at the front as a commander of a long-range bomber. Made many sorties and bombed a variety of enemy targets. A laughing clown was painted on the fuselage of his plane and the words “For Soviet art”were written in red.

On April 25, 1945, the plane of senior Lieutenant Doveyko, consisting of nine of the best crews of the regiment, accompanied by fighters of the famous ACE Ivan Kozhedub, went to Berlin to bomb the Reichstag. For conducting this operation, he received the commendation of the Supreme Commander. Ten times Doveyko’s name was on the lists of recipients.

The war ended. Vladimir Doveyko returned to the circus not empty-handed: he thought out the script for a new number.

In the fall of 1946, a new number “Acrobats-jumpers with flip boards” appeared on the Moscow circus arena, which immediately won the audience with its rapid, hurricane-like pace and extraordinary complexity of tricks. For the first time in the circus, Vladimir Doveyko performed a triple flip with a flip Board, then complicated this trick by performing a triple flip with a pirouette, and after a while performed a four-turn flip with a flip Board.

But he and his partners are not satisfied with what they have achieved. In 1947 Alexander Saginaw played with a teeter Board flips on stilts. And after a while, Oleg Ponukalin mastered a double flip on stilts from a flip Board.

In 1966, a former member of the Doveyko troupe V. Zamotkin created his own number, in which he performed a flip on one stilt from a flip Board. The challenge was accepted, and soon V. Doveyko Jr. demonstrated a somersault with a pirouette on one stilt, then-with two pirouettes, and then — a double somersault on one stilt.

Today in the ensemble “Romantics” there are no less difficult tricks: Gennady Maslov does a double somersault with a pirouette on one stilt, master of sports, champion of Ukraine in acrobatics Marina Doveyko-a double somersault in the shoulders to a partner standing on a six-meter perch, and master of sports Yevgenia Shishkova-a double somersault bending over a column of two people…

— Our performance was decided in the style of a Russian folk festival, – says V. Doveyko. — This is emphasized by the costumes and music, which are based on Russian national motifs. For the 60th anniversary of the formation of the USSR, we are preparing a new edition of the issue: fifteen acrobats will come to the arena, as if personifying the fifteen Union republics. In addition, we are also working on the release of a number of new tricks.

However, Vladimir Doveyko is not only an outstanding acrobat and teacher, who has trained many recognized masters of this genre. The works of Doveyko, an actor, also left a noticeable mark on the history of Soviet art.

His acting debut took place in 1930 in the Leningrad circus in the pantomime “Moscow is burning”, set according to a script by Vladimir Mayakovsky. Doveyko played the role of a newsboy who scattered Bolshevik leaflets and was killed by a gendarme’s bullet. He “died” so reliably that his death touched not only the audience, but also the partners.

There, in the Leningrad circus, in 1955 Doveyko played one of the main roles in the pantomime “adventures of a guide with a bear”, where his partner was a wonderful Soviet trainer Valentin Filatov. In the performance, there were many chases, fights, and even had to master the art of riding. After watching this performance, a venerable theater Director exclaimed in admiration:

— I didn’t think there were such actors in the circus!”

Special mention should be made of the heroic and adventurous pantomime “Feat”, staged in 1975 at the Kiev circus to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. It was based on the memoirs of the twice Hero of the Soviet Union, the famous partisan A. F. Fedorov. Vladimir Doveyko played the main role in the pantomime-partisan Fedor. The performance, action-Packed and dynamic, was at the same time filled with high civic pathos. At the end of the performance, the audience greeted the artists standing up, and many veterans had tears in their eyes. Behind the scenes Fyodorov warmly thanked the creators and participants of the pantomime, and said to the performer of the main role:

— Volodya, I know you were a great pilot, but I can confidently say that you would have been a great partisan.

There is another type of performance in the circus — children’s performances. For many years Doveyko has been an indispensable participant in them. Once upon a time, he played the good Santa Claus, who to the delight of children worked incredible miracles. But then Doveyko’s” acting fate ” in the performances changed abruptly. First, he was offered the role of the evil wizard Buran, and then-more: Barmalei, Karabas-Barabas and, finally, the role of Baba Yaga. In doveyko’s performance, This was a very eccentric person who sang popular songs, danced modern dances and flew in a jet cjyne. Each of her appearances on the arena was greeted by the young audience with a roar of delight, and after the performance, they came backstage and..they gave Baba Yaga flowers.

And this is how the fate of Doveyko-a movie actor. His debut on the screen was the role of a German officer in the film “the Brave bullet is afraid”, in the film “Riders” he appeared as a German corporal. In the movie story “the strongest” he got the role of a Diva-an evil genius, in the film “much ADO about nothing” based on the play of the same name by Shakespeare — the role of the treacherous Borachio. As you can see, all roles are negative. And only in the TV movie “the Journey of Mrs. Shelton” he played a detective, a character not so positive, but not the final villain.

Vladimir Doveyko’s versatile talents never cease to amaze. While on tour in Australia, he sang a few songs on a night out, and the next morning the impresario asked him to record them. Guests who come to his Moscow apartment invariably pay attention to the portrait of the owner, drawn with colored pencils, and learn that it is a self-portrait…

Vladimir Doveyko. Always elegant, fit, always fashionably dressed, he is an object of admiration for young artists. His peers look at him with some envy; no, they are not deprived of honor, respect, success either. But who else can make such a gift on their anniversary day: perform a triple somersault with a pirouette from a flip Board?

Leonid Yengibarov wrote about Doveyko:

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