Krasnoselsky circus Museum
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Despite his small stature, Charles Stratton became so famous in his time that all of America, Europe, and Asia spoke of him. He was rich, famous, talented, loved by people,…

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6 most famous Russian circus dynasties that have conquered the world

The succession of generations is probably the most pronounced among circus performers. This is easy to explain to those who children usually accompany their parents on tours and absorb the charm of the circus from an early age. They go to the arena or watch the performance from behind the scenes, and then they can’t even imagine life without a circus. In our review, the most famous domestic circus dynasties.

The founder of the dynasty is considered to be Vladimir Leonidovich Durov, although his brother Anatoly was also a circus artist. Before the birth of the brothers, the Durovs ‘ ancestors had nothing to do with the circus. On the contrary, they had deacons and military men in their family, and the most famous bearer of the surname was a cavalryman-a girl named Nadezhda Durova.

Brothers Vladimir and Anatoly were trained in the cadet corps, but military service did not appeal to them at all. Anatoly, who was fond of gymnastics and clowning, soon after the beginning of his circus career gained fame as the “king of jesters”, and Vladimir, who saw himself only as a trainer, became the founder of the famous”Corner of Durov”.

When Vladimir Durov was no longer in charge of the unique institution, his daughter Anna became the head. Since then, the “corner” is a family business that is constantly developing. Today, the theater is headed by Vladimir Durov’s heirs.

Carl Thomson, an eccentric comedian and German by birth, became the first representative of the circus dynasty, but the name of the dynasty was given by the daughter’s husband Mikhail Zapashny, a power acrobat. Daughter Carla began to enter the arena with independent numbers at the age of 15, demonstrating the skills of a gymnast and performing masterly tricks on a horse.

The Zapashny couple became the parents of five children. Nothing is known about the profession of Anna’s daughter, but all four of Zapashny’s sons became circus performers. At first, all four performed in different genres, later they did a joint number “Acrobats-Voltigeurs”, and then Walter and Mstislav decided to connect their lives with the training. Mstislav eventually became the head of the circus in Sochi, then the General Director of rosgoscirk, and his son Mstislav Mstislavovich after his father left, continued the business he started.

Walter Mikhailovich Zapashny was not only a unique trainer, but also trained his sons Edgar and Askold to work with animals from childhood. Today, the brothers-trainers are known all over the world.

Emil Teodorovich Kio became the founder of one of the most famous illusionist dynasties. Before him, representatives of the profession worked mainly on the stage, dressing in extravagant bright outfits. Emil Teodorovich began to perform in the circus, at the same time radically changing the image of the illusionist: the almost carnival costume was replaced by a strict tailcoat and bow tie.

Sons Emil and Igor became worthy successors of their father’s business. At the same time, Emil Emilevich at first did not even think about a circus career, but after graduating from the construction Institute, he still decided to enter the arena. Igor, unlike Emil, could not imagine his life without a circus and reached truly unprecedented heights in the profession, including becoming the winner of the Academy award, which was awarded at the Belgian Royal circus.

Famous trainers Bagdasarova called the founder of his dynasty grandfather Nicholas Yazev, a circus gymnast in the horizontal bar. His son-in-law, Mikhail Bagdasarov, dreamed of training animals from an early age, spent a lot of time behind the scenes of the circus and at the age of 18 already worked in the group of Margarita Nazarova.

Subsequently, Mikhail Ashotovich began to perform independently, and in 1979 presented to the public an incredibly colorful attraction with different predators, which was created on the basis of the Armenian epic. Artur and Karina, Mikhail Bagdasarov’s children, are proudly engaged in the business that their father once started.

The founder of the Filatov circus dynasty was Ivan Lazarevich, who became a real innovator in working with animals. Thanks to him, drove around the booths and mobile circuses, and established a system of zoiirov in the Soviet Union. Taisiya Yegorova, a circus actress and rider, gave birth to her husband Ivan Filatov 13 children, but in the footsteps of her parents went two, Maria and Valentin.

The daughter trained animals and married Alexander Kornilov, their son Anatoly started performing with his father, and when he started working at the arena on his own, he developed a unique system for working with elephants.

Valentin Filatov was already a full-fledged circus performer at the age of six. In the future, it won international recognition thanks to the attraction “Bear circus”. Filatov’s daughters became successors of the glorious dynasty, and his granddaughter Yulia went even further, creating together with her husband Andrey Klykov “Circus of animals”.
The last name of the Kantemirovs ‘ horsemen is known all over the world. Dynasty, the founder of which was Alibek Kantemirov Tuzanovich, for more than 110 years. And all this time, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Creator of the school of jigitovki and horse tricks are engaged in the business that their famous relative started. The fourth generation of jig-riders pleases the audience with their skill.

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